Skylar & Jessica

you are the peanut butter to my jelly

our love story

Skylar's best friend was dating one of Jessica's friends and suggested the two meet.After talking & texting for a couple of months, we finally met in person on or first date in San Francisco, which soon blossomed into a relationship.

Despite their long distance relationship, Skylar and Jessica spent a lot of time together traveling. They spend their first trip together (and when they began their relationship officially) traveling through the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium. From there, they fished in Alaska, road tripped to California, visited San Francisco,  got engaged in Belize, made their first home together in Houston, and of course, married in Tahoe among the tall pine trees. 

When not traveling, Skylar and Jessica love watching sports together while screaming at the TV (mostly Jessica haha), playing ping pong or cards, and relaxing with a glass of wine watching their favorite guilty pleasure (ahem: The Bachelor, in case you were wondering).